Federal magistrate unseals Trump’s Mar-a-Lago search warrant thumbnail

Federal magistrate unseals Trump’s Mar-a-Lago search warrant

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A federal magistrate unsealed the search warrant used at former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate. The warrant shows that FBI agents were told to look for signs that official records had been altered, destroyed or concealed. Debra Alfarone has more. #maralago #trump #news #politics #fbi “CBS Saturday Morning” co-hosts Jeff Glor, Michelle Miller and Dana Jacobson deliver two hours of original reporting and breaking news, as well as profiles of leading figures in culture and the arts. Watch “CBS Saturday Morning” at 7 a.m. ET on CBS and 8 a.m. ET on the CBS News app. Subscribe to “CBS Mornings” on YouTube: Watch CBS News live: Download the CBS News app: Follow “CBS Mornings” on Instagram: Like “CBS Mornings” on Facebook: Follow “CBS Mornings” on Twitter: Subscribe to our newsletter: Try Paramount+ free: For video licensing inquiries, contact: [email protected]

7 thoughts on “Federal magistrate unseals Trump’s Mar-a-Lago search warrant

  1. “The question is weather or not the former president had the right to declassify those documents “ The president has the authority to declassify any classified documents as he pleases it’s literally the law!! Do these people ever read or think before saying something.

  2. This isn't going to end well for the left. When we win in November and win the White House back in '24 you can be 100% sure that we will demand HRC, both Hunter and Joe, Pelosi and every agent and person within the entire DOJ that has taken part in this BS will be held accountable in a court of law. It will be EPIC! There will NOT be any meeting in the middle or finding "common ground" and we will not need violence to accomplish this.

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