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Bangkok, Thailand Today – News/Update (60 Seconds in Thailand?!?)

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Join the RW4U Members Club and enjoy all kinds of goodies…details here: This can’t be 60 Seconds in Thailand? The host looks different. Regardless, this video will update you on the news from Bangkok, Thailand through a live satellite hookup with Peterborough, Canada. I have a special guest on this to help me out and you (and me) will get an update as to what’s going on in Bangkok from the streets and malls and markets themselves. Our guest will show us Soi Cowboy, Terminal 21 and even take a visit to my Pad Krapao lady. Take a look and enjoy! Follow Global Travel Mate here: Google Map Pins: Soi Cowboy: Terminal 21: Ruam Sab Market: SWU: Get My App Teenee and Take Your Thailand Experience to a Whole New Level: THAILAND TRAVEL TOOLS THAT I USE AND RECOMMEND: 🏥 Reliable Travel Insurance: 💸 Cheapest Way Get Thai Baht: 🇹🇭 Fun App For Learning Basic Thai: 🧑🏼💻 Access Your Home Country’s Internet When in Thailand: 🌴 Experience Thailand like A Local: 📈 MY MOST POPULAR YOUTUBE VIDEOS: 🎬 The $5 Challenge In Bangkok: 🎬 Koh Samui Pay It Forward: 🎬 We Sent Thai Food Into Space: GET IN TOUCH: 🌏 My Website: 🌏 Teenee Website: 📈 Biz Inquiries: [email protected] Join The Community: 📸 Instagram: 🎬 Facebook: ———————————————————————– RW4U Timeline: Hit 100 Subs on May 22, 2020 Hit 1,000 Subs on July 26, 2020 Hit 10,000 Subs on Aug 24, 2020 Hit 100,000 Subs on Mar 6, 2021 Hit 1M Subs on ……Yeah right, keep dreamin’ Chris……. My goal with this channel is to grow a community of people who like to have fun. People who like to travel. And people who understand you only live once! I want to inspire you to see that being retired is the best chapter in life. At the end of the day, this Channel is all about YOU. Let me know what you want to see next and I’ll do my best to make it happen! After all…I’m Retired, Working For You.

2 thoughts on “Bangkok, Thailand Today – News/Update (60 Seconds in Thailand?!?)

  1. Nice to hear the crossing the street joke 😀 and ace bit of collaboration with Jeroen 'pulp friction' ha ha ha sad times continue for Thailand, but we've got to be near the better times. 😘

  2. Chris it is great that you are paying it forward but l am disappointed that the Thai doesn't help the people with the basic life essentials. Oakville

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