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Texas senator on Supreme Court abortion decision: ‘We’re happy today’

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Texas state Sen. Bryan Hughes, a Republican who authored the state’s fetal heartbeat bill, reacts to the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. WATCH the ABC News Livestream: SUBSCRIBE to ABC News: WATCH MORE on LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK: FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: #ABCNL #supremecourt #roevwade

3 thoughts on “Texas senator on Supreme Court abortion decision: ‘We’re happy today’

  1. To all women: men have always been in danger to be made a father against their will. In those cases, there is hardly any personal autonomy left, if you have to care about a child although you did not want to. Women benefited from the privilege to be able to undo their bad choices/mistakes after the fact, men always have only had the option of contraception.

    The perfect example to show that women are extremely privileged regarding the societal empathy they receive. Where were all the protesters fighting for men's rights of family planning/life planning/personal autonomy? Have you heard, my dear feminists?

  2. This is fucking stupid. You know what's going to happen? Just like with medical marijuana, the doctors will give fake diagnosis so they can get it. Just make it legal, you're not killing a person…
    No.. you're not… Can you name the victim? No. Does it have a birth certificate or social security number? Nope! Unless republicans want to start giving legal protection to those who don't have social security numbers, I'm sure the illegal immigrants would love that 😅

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