Mar-a-Lago raided by FBI agents, former president says thumbnail

Mar-a-Lago raided by FBI agents, former president says

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Agents executed a search warrant on Monday, according to sources, and the action was related to Trump allegedly removing documents from the White House when he left office. READ MORE: #MarALago #FBI #DonaldTrump #GMA

12 thoughts on “Mar-a-Lago raided by FBI agents, former president says

  1. "'Anyone being investigated by the FBI is not qualified to be the president of the United States" -Donald Trump tweet from 2016

  2. It is up to the leadership of the Republican party to make sure that this was not politically motivated in the interest of the American people who support Trump.
    Otherwise, it could lead to some violence like the Jan 6 attack on the Capitol.
    Trump himself would need to convince his own supporters that it was indeed his fault that his home had to be raided.

  3. It's crazy what there doing It's definitely politically motivated. Hillary did a million times worse she even smashed all the evidence. Nothing. The bidens are so corrupt It's beyond anything I've ever seen and I've seen murder with a shotgun right in front of my face. That i could start to make sense of but them not going after anything joe biden has done is just ludicrous at this point. This is going to far and it's not going to end well. I'm A liberal and and own gun's so don't expect me to help anyone but my family when it pops off.

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