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Worst economic prediction for a generation – as UK heads for recession

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Normally you’d expect the biggest single hike in interest rates for 27 years would make the biggest headline. But the dismal economic forecasts from the Bank of England make equally grim reading. Rising interest rates will mean mortgage and loan repayments will go up. That bitter medicine is supposed to treat spiralling inflation. And there is also the warning that we are about to crash into a recession like that of 2008.

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  1. to stop inflation ; dont allow loans or bailouts to those who earns more than a million dollars a year. keep loan and interest rates low. outlaw banks making profit. banks should only be holding money safe for the people, not profiteering . loans to the rich and military, bankster profiteering, and high interest rates, create inflation and destroys the middle class. outlaw bank profits, and loans to the rich and military to stop inflation.

  2. 2 A generation comes with a new wave of seduction and God sends a prophet to reveal and overcome that seduction, and the prophet and his generation go past; then in the long run, a new generation of men rises on the earth and the same Satan comes back with a new system of seduction. Satan goes forth conquering and that he might conquer. And an angel goes out of the presence of God and comes against the attack of Satan. Exactly as we can see it in the seals. Amen!

    3 A new horseman goes out of the presence of Satan, an angel also goes out of the presence of God to come and influence a man on earth! On the side of Satan, the instrument on earth, they are the priests, scribes, rabbis, pastors, pastoral schools, theological institutes, mission and ministry churches whereas on the other side, an angel goes out of the presence of God and comes and uses a man on earth, a prophet and his Message is the weapon of God’s children so as to overcome the ruse of Satan in their age, in their generation.

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  3. Which ever we look at this, poor are fkd, stop blaming someone else like always, dad dad im hungry, sorry son it's chinas/ Russian's fault, whilst dad sits on the couch, that moron has enough to see him through any crises.

  4. I see a lot of comments about bad government but have yet to come across a comment blaming 51.89% of the population for being idiots and helping ascerbate this by crippling their economy pre-covid/recession.

  5. The rising gas prices are due to the companies putting up the prices to further increase profits, it has little to do with the Russian invasion of Ukraine why are you spouting lies?

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