Vladimir Putin announces partial military mobilisation to fight Ukraine war – BBC News thumbnail

Vladimir Putin announces partial military mobilisation to fight Ukraine war – BBC News

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In a televised address to the nation, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced military reservists will be sent to Ukraine as part of a “partial mobilisation” of Russian forces. He said this was a necessary step to ensure territorial integrity and protect people in Russian-occupied territories of Ukraine. Vladimir Putin has also accused the West of engaging in nuclear blackmail against Russia. Meanwhile, Western nations have condemned Moscow’s plans to hold urgent so-called referendums in parts of Ukraine that are currently under Russian control. Please subscribe HERE #Russia #Ukraine #BBCNews

9 thoughts on “Vladimir Putin announces partial military mobilisation to fight Ukraine war – BBC News

  1. Of course, the West are to be blamed for the war, didn’t you know? The rest of the world apart from the west and Americans all know the truth and all behind Russia. Nowadays, the world is not dominated by the West anymore.

  2. Armies arise to protect the system, not the people. Sane Citizens of all countries, especially Russia, I ask you to be prudent, do not go to Ukraine, by doing so you are killing your children and sisters, including children! In the 21st century, it is time for us to end war and poverty. pits us against each other. If the top politicians want a war in order to make money on it, then let them go there themselves with their children and call the entire military industry with them so that there is no benefit to anyone from this war! They don't want it. Forget it. In the future, it is possible to prevent War.

  3. Russia’s regime, through violent force to enact hostile takeover of Democratic and soverign nations and control the people and resources that represent freedom itself via Ukraine have proven willing and determined to spread to surrounding countries at any human cost and have so far ended millions of lives and caused mass destruction along with incalculable inhumane atrocities and war crimes against the people of Ukraine and shown the value and sanctity of life held by the Russian regime commiting these atrocities as well as their values of freedom not just to people outside their own country but to all people within it. Those who value any concept of freedom and oppose the war crimes, atrocieties, death, destruction and suffering stand opposed their attempts at global takeover that threaten further destruction and death along with the freedom of all people worldwide. People who stand with freedom stand with those who represent and fight on the frontlines for the real and symbolic freedom of the planet. If you stand for that freedom to any people anywhere – stand with Ukraine and their people.

    Please be aware and vigilant on media platforms as attempts to spread disinformation will continue to be a threat to perceptions of the Russian regimes actions as well as attempt to distort the perceptions of the people being harmed or shift focus away from harm. Remember that the Russian people are not unified in their regiemes actions whether the dissenting opinions make it out of their captive state or not. Their people are prisoners as much as they seek to imprison other countries.


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