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Liz Cheney defeated in Wyoming primary

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Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.), a one-time ally of Donald Trump who became one of his most ardent Republican critics, is projected to lose her primary on Tuesday after a longshot bid to survive defying the former president and his influence over GOP voters. Details: John Fenoglio reports for the KTLA 5 News at 10 on Aug. 16, 2022. » Subscribe to KTLA: KTLA has been keeping Southern Californians informed since 1947. Here you will find clips from the KTLA 5 Morning News and other daily newscasts. Subscribe to our channel for breaking news and live video from Southern California, including police pursuits, wildfires and much more. | Connect with KTLA online | Our website: Follow KTLA on Twitter: Find KTLA on Facebook: Follow KTLA on Instagram:

10 thoughts on “Liz Cheney defeated in Wyoming primary

  1. The Republican party is full of Hitler-esk Domestic home grown Terror taking into power by way of elections…and violence. The attempt to overthrow the gov't and chanting to hang their own party's Vice President, injuring (mainly concussions) 149 police at the Capitol, more recently a MAGA cult member shooting FBI agents and losing his life for that cause. 4 days ago Trump spoke before another cult organization, The Moonies, he praises Putin and the Adversaries to the USA. In 1947, after the fall of Hitler, a film maker wanted to warn how to see the rise of evil, and made a video predicting these MAGA cult terrorists.

    Here is the 2 minute clip from the actual 16 minute film

    Here is the 16 minute full film

    In 1981, a film maker made a 45 minute movie showing how easy it was to make people follow an evil terrorist leader..based on a real story when a high school teacher did just THAT…just to prove to he could even create a cult following and people would join and follow…even to give their lives.

    It was called "The Wave"

  2. To all the Wyoming voters you didn’t vote in the most qualified official, You voted in the one that will bend the knee to Trump and authoritarian rule plain and simple

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