15 thoughts on “Kremlin announces potentially escalatory steps for the war in Ukraine

  1. Every human being on planet earth, knows why the Ukraine war, and the persecution of Trump is about. You can plan many more distractions, many many more smoke n mirrors. As I write this, and God is my witness. All the leadership of the FBI and Top Democrats, will be severely prosecuted for the Ukraine war, Corvid19 and the 2020 election. To catch these criminals, please vote Republican come November !!!!

  2. Only way to stop the war !!! is to lift all economic sanction on russia and and to recognise don-bass and Crimea as Russian territory in return Russia should lift its energy sanction on Europe and both nato eu and russia will respect each conscientiously with no anti sentiments of any kind and not threaten each other via economic or military provocation , fact why did the US interfere in proposing an unprovoked sanction on nord stream 2 Pipeline in may 2021 further halting the final co joining connection pipe line further pressuring angela merkel to resign and servereing German Russian friendly diplomatic and business relationship ' did Poland and Ukraine for future probable loss of gas pipeline transit fee revenues from russia the reason why they jointly conspired to Instigate, influence the US congress and administration of a fake threat that the US swallowed hook line and sinker on to the nord stream sanction before the war which root cause triggered the anti russia build up to this nato eu ukraine war vs russia


    War I hate, though not men, flags nor race

    But war itself with its ugly face.

    When we lose faith in the brave, which die

    Then we're not fit to greet those who cry.

    What distinguishes war isn't death

    But that man is slain by fellow man.

    Crushed by cruelty and injustice

    With his enemy's murderous hand.

    War tends to punish the punishers

    So the losers won't suffer alone.

    The essence of war is but violence

    Till the survivors come marching home.

    It’s not a priest who gives us freedom of religion,

    It’s not a reporter who give us freedom of voice.

    It’s not any judge, lawyer, politician, preacher or teacher

    But the blood of a soldier that was sacrificed by choice.

    By Tom Zart

    Most Published Poet On The Web

  4. I'm going to steal your stuff, and then when you try to get it back, I'll blame you for attacking me (a justification for stealing more of your stuff). What a racket.

  5. Reading some comments below looks like some need to go back to school and take history lessons about Ukraine. It took about 80 years for a country to divide itself and then came the invasion for a period war for 4 years, but later after war they put themselves back together……..1861-1865 USA vs. CSA….and then, nobody said about nothing..

  6. If the ethnic Russians in the Eastern provinces want to secede and join with Russia, that is their right. They apparently have been abused by Ukraine. Read the Declaration of Independence. They have this right just as the colonies in the U.S. had the right to leave England. We either believe in democracy or we don’t. I think the answer is we don’t believe in democracy.

  7. Obama sounded like a total retard when he claimed a similar referendum relative to Crimea was “unlawful?” Really? Since when was the will off the people unlawful? Now, people are claiming these elections are bogus before they even happen probably better than our own elections. Let’s see. These people are election deniers a term they have demonized before the election happens.

  8. For people stressing about the thought of Nuclear annihilation-

    1. Russia and China are at a tight bond… Which means if Russia in any way wants to use tactical weapons then China would cut them off along with India

    2. In the doctrine, there is nothing that says at the current moment is a response for nuclear deterrents.

    3. The usage of weapons as a first response looks bad on them.

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