6 thoughts on “China targets Pelosi and her family with sanctions

  1. China has been pursuing expansionist designs for a long time now. Being a communist country, analysts believe expansionism is crucial to its ideology

    The Maldivian Government leased out Islands of Feydhoo Finolhuto China until 2066 for $4 million.

    Between 2004 and 2014, China provided $ 7 billion in loans and investment to Sri Lanka

    What's going on shri lanka 🇱🇰 now

    Sri Lanka meltdown exposes China loan policy

  2. Relly take a good look at all of our citys drugs running crazy homeless the same all the city in the USA need to do something we have a war right here in the USA clean that up before our great grandkids have to live in it dont trun your back on this

  3. Tomorrow, master crime against humanity aniversary, of the terrorist atomic attack against civilians…..rdon't forget after the strike, injuried survivors were not helped, traited, they left those victimes dying slowlly to observe radiation effects on human body, as genocidaries done…..later the USA has droped nukes under Marshall Islands to also observe effects on humans, animals and nature, showing how criminals are USA rullers

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