Modern Electric Blankets – New Styles of Electric Blankets

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Not like the ones belonging to your grandmother, the new styles of electric blanket have really changed to enhance your sleeping comfort. New electric blankets now come with heat sensors that turn the blanket on and off to keep a desired temperature in the bed while you sleep. No longer just a matter of setting the temperature and plugging it in, these blankets are designed to keep your sleep as comfortable and cozy as possible. Timers and warm-up options are available on many models that will actually pre-heat the bed for you based on the time that you indicate they should begin warming. Gone are the days that you have to get into an icy bed, rather you will be able to slip between warm and cozy sheets. In the past electric blankets have been on constantly, and may have given concern as to the amount of energy they were using. The new models now cycle on and off, and therefore are much less costly to operate and more energy efficient. Several reports indicate that an electric blanket may, in fact, save money on energy bills overall since the overall air temperature can be kept lower while you sleep. If you are concerned about the wired control setting, consider going wireless with a remote temperature control blanket. The small controlled unit can be kept in easy reach to simply adjust temperatures up or down as needed. Many of these blankets also offer automatic temperature adjustment as well. For watching TV or reading an electric throw is a terrific option. Smaller than a full sized electric blanket they still offer all the features of a full sized blanket, including an automatic shut off and multiple temperature settings. There is also a new micro-fleece low voltage electric blanket on the market that is ideal for keeping warm without any bulk. This ultra thin electric blanket comes with a converter that changes the standard 120V power into an ultra safe 25 volts. The blanket itself never becomes hot to the touch; rather it provides a consistent warmth. The micro-fleece works to distribute the heat evenly so there are no cold or hot spots on the blanket. Modern electric blankets are both safe and energy efficient. It is important to keep the blankets in good repair, and to follow manufactures care information. The automatic shut offs and multiple temperature setting prevents the old problems of overheating with electric blankets. All types of fabrics and colors are used to make electric blankets, so finding a match for your bedroom or home is not difficult. Try treating yourself to an electric blanket for a warm and comfortable sleep.

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