How To Work From Home On eBay: Selling Electronics

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How to work from home on eBay selling electronics is something that many people want to know. Just go to eBay’s main page and you will see some type of electronic item featured, whether it is a MP3 player, TV, iPod, or cell phone, there is sure to be something. Everyone seems to be selling electronics and making money: right? Wrong! Everyone who is selling electronics on eBay is not making money. Some are. Some vendors are making a lot of money but they know what they are doing. Before jumping onto the selling of electronics bandwagon, have a good idea of what to do. Create a niche market for yourself and you too can make money with this. Here is the answer to the question of how to work from home on eBay selling electronics. Get selective about your product line and create a specialty market for your business. This is what is called a niche market. How do you know what to sell? There is a page on eBay called the What’s Hot page. You can find it easily using the site map. On this page are 3 links. The first two are free. The third link is for a fee based service called Market Research. All of these services are useful and you should always take advantage of free market research when you can. The first link is for the Hot Items By Category List. Here is where you start to find what your niche can be. Let’s take consumer electronics for example. This category is too broad to be a niche market. Using the Hot List we can determine that super hot item categories are Car Electronics, Gadgets and Other Electronics, and Vintage Electronics. These are still pretty large categories so let’s limit them further using the list. Level three shows that car alarms are a super hot category in Car Electronics. If you take it to level four you will see that remote start/alarm combos are super hot. That is a great niche market for your electronics business. In the Gadgets and Other Electronics, level three shows voltage converters are super hot and AC-DC 12 volt is the super hot level four category. Are vintage electronics for you? Then you can see that reel to reel tape players are super hot, and level four shows that Pioneer Brand is really super hot. Using the Hot List By Category sheet is how to work from home on eBay selling electronics. The next link is for a page called eBay pulse. This is updated daily and you should research this prior to making any inventory purchases. Using the same category as above, consumer electronics – car electronics, we see who our top 5 competitors are. The top 10 searched keywords are also listed with “alpine” being the number one. You will also see the top 10 most watched items in this category. Today you will see a 1200/1400 voltage converter listed. Good choice to sell, these are listed in the super hot category above. A search of vintage electronics will show that “jbl” and “pioneer” are in the top 10 keywords searched and Pioneer brands are in the top 10 most watched items. By using these two free links, we have enough information to set up a work from home on eBay electronics business. The third link is Market Research. This is free to certain store owners but the rest of us have to pay for it. When starting out with your eBay electronics business, it may be a good idea to subscribe to this. Market Research gives you 90 days detailed market research on eBay items. This can be very helpful, as you want to have items that sell consistently month over month. If you were to stock inventory in a hot item, and a week later that item is now undesirable or the market is flooded, then you have a lot of inventory you cannot sell. Market Research is a way to help avoid this pitfall. Hopefully, this has given you enough information to tell you how to work from home on eBay selling electronics. Do your research first and then start selling. PPPPP word count 706

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