Credit Card Fraud – Be One Less Statistic

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When it comes to credit cards, an ideal world would be where you didn’t have to worry about your credit card information getting into the wrong hands. But in reality, credit card fraud is a real concern. By taking a few simple steps you can be one less statistic as a victim. Thieves are getting smarter and you need to take the necessary steps to outsmart them. 1)Always know where your cards are at all times so that they don’t get into the wrong hands. Any statements showing your credit card information should be kept in a safe place and if you are throwing any away always make sure that you shred them. Thieves have been known to go into someone’s personal trash and getting their hands on statements. If your card number is clearly visible then your card number can be used in a fraudulent manner. 2)If you are purchasing something on the internet, you should always use some precaution about which websites you give your credit card number to. Always make sure that you are putting the card number into forms on a website that you trust. Avoid entering your number into websites that you get to through links in emails. If it’s a site that you have purchased from in the past, type in the website address bar in your internet browser. That way, you won’t be tricked into giving your number to fraudsters who are masking themselves as legitimate companies. What is commonly seen now on online are what is called phishing schemes. A fraudster will send you an email with what looks like an official looking website for a bank. They will say in the email that they require your personal information to update their records and sometimes they have even said that fraud is on the rise and in order to protect your accounts that you need to send them your personal details so that they can ensure that your accounts stay safe online. Ironic isn’t it? But don’t fall victim to this scheme. 3)To ensure that you are on a secure website, the website address always begins with ‘https” rather than ‘http’. That ensures you that the website you are doing business with is using encryption software so that your credit card information is safe. 4)Check your credit report often. By doing so you can see if there are any unusual charges on your card, or evidence of credit card fraud. The first thing you should do if you notice irregular charges is to call your credit card company and report the stolen credit card. Remember, if you call in right away, you will not be held responsible for the charges on your card. The best way to keep yourself from falling victim to credit card fraud is to stay aware of what your credit card is being used for. That way there’s a good chance that you will be one less statistic in credit card fraud.

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