Choosing Your Next Credit Card

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Many people who were once wary about using credit cards are now rushing to get credit from their company of choice. One reason for this is that many credit card companies nowadays are willing to give credit cards to almost everybody, even to people with bad credit. The companies are reasoning that they will make money from people who do not pay their bills on time as well as more responsible consumers, since the former tend to pay higher interest rates and late fees. There are very few people who simply do not pay off their credit cards at all and attempt to disappear. Therefore, there is little risk of extending credit to people who will absolutely not pay off their credit cards. Therefore, one should be cautious before obtaining credit cards. It might be tempting to sign up if there is a claim of absolutely no rejection, but if you do not use the card or cannot pay off your bills, your credit cards might end up costing you a fortune in the long run. It is a good idea to be selective concerning which credit cards you wish to obtain and to think carefully before signing up. There are many different types of credit cards on the market these days, including: · Cards for those with good credit · Cards for those with bad credit · Smart cards · Reward cards · Credit cards for minors Significant benefits are given to those who have good credit. Many companies offer premium gold or platinum credit cards with no annual fees, 0% APR and a higher credit limit. This means that you can make more purchases with few or no restrictions. Therefore, it is important to keep your gold and platinum credit cards under close watch, since a thief can make significant charges to your account. Many more credit card companies are offering credit cards to people with bad credit. They are willing to take this risk in exchange for an annual fee and a low APR. Many companies will check employment history, but many more nowadays will rely on the fee rather than past records. Instead of avoiding credit cards completely, it is a good idea for those with a flawed credit history to apply for these kinds of credit cards, to make modest, regular purchases with their cards, and to make payments on time. This will help repair their credit, which is a gradual process. With identity theft occurring more frequently, smart credit cards are becoming more popular among security conscious consumers. Smart cards are embedded with microprocessor chips, which hold more information than traditional magnetic strips. These smart chips encrypt information to prevent cloning and fraud. If your chip is disabled, the company is automatically notified. Reward cards are a popular way of earning air miles, hotel points or free gas as you use your credit card in the supermarket or the shopping mall. Many consumers enjoy accumulating points for these items as they make their ordinary purchases. It usually takes some time before you will be able to receive free items, and it is not such a good idea to make extraneous purchases just to earn more points, but many feel that the regular shopping they do will eventually pay off in the form of rewards. Many parents are understandably leery of trusting their teenagers with credit cards. However, they would like their kids to learn early on about how to use credit responsibly, pay bills on time. A good compromise solution is to get a special credit card for your teenager that can be monitored. These credit cards have limits on them stipulated by the parents and allow parents to be informed of each transaction. Therefore, it is impossible for a teenager to spend more money than the parents will allow.

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